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Establishing A Comprehensive Cancer Care Center In Service Deficient Coastal Region.




To provide comprehensive approach to cancer management to the community at large


Offer accessible affordable and or free (for the needy) comprehensive cancer Care to all regardless of their status

Cancer continues to be an increasing concern worldwide and especially in the developing countries where the mortality rate seems to be on the rise.  International Agency on Research on Cancer (IARC) indicate that while the prevalence of cancer worldwide is tipped towards the industrialized countries, more than 60% of all cancer-related deaths occur in developing countries; Kenya being one of them due to multiple challenges in Africa especially affordability by the affected. This problem can no longer be left to one entity. It requires a combined effort from all.

I have been directly affected through the loss of my beloved husband in 2003, hence my interest in joining the fight against cancer. For close to a year, I was with my husband in South Africa for the entire treatment leaving behind my young children. It was not only costly but also inconveniencing to the family. Due to my experience and that of many other families, I have a strong conviction and passion to ensure that there is access to the people of Kenya and other regions, a more comprehensive and affordable approach to cancer treatment.

For the last ten years I have been running an outpatient healthcare facility in the coastal part of Kenya. As a primary care provider, we have referred many  patients either diagnosed or for  Cancer diagnosis after conducting basic screening for common cancers such as cervical, prostate and breast cancer, amongst others. Due to lack of cancer centers and oncologists in the coast region, we have had to refer patients for care either to the capital city (Nairobi) or outside the country (as was the case with my late husband)

 Apart from the only Government hospital KNH a number of facilities have been established but are quite out of reach for many and located in the capital city. Based on the current situation on accessibility and affordability of cancer management in the region, we feel it is time for a center in Mombasa offering a comprehensive approach but also upholding accessibility and affordability. We seek to establish this center through support from well-wishers, donors, partners and stakeholders. The name of the proposed project is Mombasa Cancer Care Centre (MCCC) which will operate as a non-profit making organization but will ensure sustainability through a reasonable charge to a category of patients (especially the insured). However, key to note is, we intend to provide to the special groups and the needy access treatment through a free program funded by operations and well-wishers.

My appeal to you is to join in the noble project and help save lives of many, in any way possible.

Yours sincerely,

Esther Ikiara.

For more information on the Mombasa Comprehensive Cancer Care Center, please visit There you will find the MCCC Project Proposal and Description, Bubble diagrams and Spatial Requirements and a power point presentation.